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Who am I?

A person who has always loved languages and learning!

I studied as many languages as I could in school and finished my Bachelor’s in French and Dutch  in 1994.  I then studied linguistics before getting my secondary teacher certificate.

After having taught French for three years in an American high school, I found myself married and newly immigrated to Switerland! So, I applied my language teaching skills to teaching English to adults – a job I fell in love with and have done for more than eight years.

I’ve sucessfully prepared many students for Cambridge exams (First, Advanced , Bec Vantage)  as well as for their personal language objectives.

What I love most about my profession is that I can not only continue to explore the intricacies of English, but also be creative and innovative. I keep myself up-to-date on new theories and methods through professional training courses, by following other English teacher bloggers and also by networking with other Swiss English language teachers (through ETAS, for example).

Why did I start this site?

I have so much fun working with all the new technological tools available for language teachers! This site allows me to provide an easy to access treasure trove of websites, links and other tools to help my students as well as other English language learners practice and learn in an exciting, interactive way.

Explore my site-  I hope you like what you find!

YT mlk english courses (2)



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