How to use USED TO correctly!

Firstly, do not confuse to use and the used to/be used to/get used to constructions!!

TO USE         pronunciation /juːz/

-to utilise or employ something for an activity or purpose.

For example, we use tools like hammers and saws to build a house. We use sunscreen to protect our skin on a sunny day.



pronunciation of used to  /ˈjuːst tuː/

These constructions are very different fron the verb to use. The following 3 video tutorials will help you understand these constructions!

This video from Vicki Hollet’s Simple English Videos explains the differences in meaning with TO USED TO and BE USED TO :


PapaEnglish‘s explanation of the difference between USED TO and GET USED TO:


Jack from ToFluency compares BE and GET USED TO :



In this clip. Rachel from Rachel’s English will show you how to pronounce USED TO like a native with lots of examples in sentences:


Here is a table to summarize the uses of these verb forms:

used to be get table mlk.png



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