gerunds and infinitives
What are they in English and how do we use them?

This video will explain how to use gerunds and infinitives

This second video from Minoo Short of Anglo-link will give you an alternative explanation:


Now,  you may have noticed that some lists of verbs that can be followed by both  is longer than those in your textbook and includes verbs usually found on the lists above as only taking one form.

How confusing! you say.

Well, as you know, you are at an upper -intermediate level and most of the “rules” are often followed by a Yes, but…. from your teacher. The following document will help you:

gerund or infinitive- change in meaning verbs

And watch this video as well:



Click here to go to a quick online quiz:     ger vs inf quiz

However, just studying a list of verbs that use either gerunds or infnitives can not only be boring but also not very effective! It’s also very important to hear them being used many times. This way it can become “automatic” for you to choose the correct form.

One fun way you can do this is to listen to this rap and sing along!

More music fun- infinitive and gernund examples in songs:



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