What is this tense? How do we use it?

What are all the irregular verb forms?


have + past participle


I have walked.

They haven’t studied.

We’ve already eaten.

The following slides will explain general formation and usage:


ex 1:

I have worked at the Zipbox company as an account manager for five years. I started in May 2001.

Here, I started my job in the past. I currently work at Zipbox. So, my time with this company started in the past but is still continuing now (and will probably continue in the future).


She has just spilled paint on my shoes! Now I my shoes are ruined!

In this example, the spill happened in the past and the action is finished, BUT the result is NOW. The result is now I need new shoes.

PRES PERF quick recap


Need help memorising the irregular past participles? Sing along with this rap by Fluency MC:

Now that you’ve listened, it’s your turn to sing!


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