DO or MAKE? – are they synonyms???

Though both of the verbs are usually translated as FAIRE in French, each verb has its own set of meanings in English. But what are the differences?

In the following short and funny video clip, Vicki Hollet ( a well-known English teacher and book author), with some friends, will show you these differences!


MAKE and DO  are also used in many common expressions. Listen carefully to the next video and see if you can find all the examples:

You should be able to use a variety of these expressions well. Use the lit at as a reference if you need to check and see if you chose the correct verb:

DO or MAKE collocations list
To help you remember them, watch and the music video below. Don’t forget to sing it in the shower! (no one will hear you practicing your English with the noise of the water, right?


 Now that you’ve studied them, you can test yourself with the following online quizzes:

Perfect Grammar Do vs Make quiz 1

Woodward English Do vs Make quiz

Quizlet card set


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